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HONE Nanoscience

Surface Power manufactures innovative next generation heating and cooling solutions using Nanotechnologyto heat and cool your home, factory or hospital using "free" daylight frequencies (not sunlight nor solar) as the only fuel source. This technology is proprietary, patented and all Intellectual Property is licensed from within our group and this technology is not available from any other source worldwide. This technology helps you collapse your energy bills and is the most significant renewable breakthrough in over 120 years since heat pumps and solar thermal first came onto the market.Surface Power is the only company worldwide with this powerful technology. It is commonly described as a replacement for solar thermal (evacuated tube and flat plates) and heat pumps due to the performance outcomes. It is in effect a boiler which runs on daylight.

For several years, across several countries, we have been deploying our advanced Nano-Technologies of exceptional quality with a focus on helping people reduce their annual energy spend. We only operate in one technology area, Nano-technology heating and cooling as it excels over all other legacy renewable's plus it competes directly with heating oil, gas and electrical consumption using "daylight" as fuel. We ensure all our systems are manufacturer design approved appropriate to each project whether domestic, commercial or industrial. HONE can be used for process heating, process cooling, refrigeration, desalination and many other energy applications from domestic to industrial including large scale city plant, campus and military complex systems.

It is designed for easy retrofit (or new construction) so can be utilised in a domestic home built in 1788 with 40 year old radiators as easily as a brand new home or factory.

history to date

In 2003, the first research into nanotechnology in applied thermal science was undertaken by the Photonomi MUDP1E NanoLab. This science was going to create a new form of advanced free heating technology which would be tuned to only require "daylight" as the fuel source. This would revolutionize the world's energy requirements in heating & cooling. It would be based on nano-mechanics developed for another application in the early 90's which one of our chief engineers had previously developed. This science would in effect supercharge a molecular nano-thermal amplification process within the system to produce very high temperatures and thus create a new "boiler source of heat" but with no energy bills.

10 years later and Several Million spent on Research & Development with thousands of completed installations in several countries, it has now became clear a revolution in daylight HONE high yielding heating and cooling technology has been born in the MUDP1E NanoLab. This technology was developed in secret and was evidence (proof) led research and it was only disclosed for the first time in December 2013 when several long term confidential studies were made public. HONE Technology outperforms every other form of renewable heating in its category in the world today. The results are in the Proof and the Proof is in the results.

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Where are we

Our Locations

Surface Power is headquartered in London, England and has various manufacturing and training locations in Dublin, Ireland, Frankfurt, Germany, North Wales, UK and Silicon Valley, California. (the training centres are located at Dublin Airport in Ireland and St Asaph in North Wales, Uk).

The mudP1E NanoLab is part of the Photonomi Group and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. The companies test centre partners are located in Germany, UK, Silicon Valley and Florida. The main research field locations are in Ireland, UK and New Zealand. These locations have some of the lowest light levels of any OECD country, approx the same as Alaska, hence the reason they were chosen. This rational means that performance will be better everywhere else as we do all our field research where light levels are lowest. New Zealand is opposite on the globe to the UK and provides research teams with 2 full seasons, i.e. winter in NZ is summer in UK.

premium quality & warranties

Premium Quality & Warranties

We manufacture the bulk of our systems in Germany, the UK and the remainder in Asia. Our energy systems are all manufactured to a military grade standard using expensive aluminium. We even supply aluminium mounting kits as standard at no extra cost. Our technology operates at high performance so it has to be of a much higher standard than other renewable technologies such as solar thermal. For this reason we are able to give give a 20 year "performance" warranty option which is the first in the world and still goes unchallenged by any renewable technology in the thermal category.

Mrs P Langton, UK" my husband is an engineer with the British Army and when we were getting our system installed, he commented that the equipment consignment for the HONE installation was superb, cleary very expensive materials and the manufacturing standard was easily on a par with the best equipment he had worked with in the army."

We invite you to look at the quality of our equipment when it arrives on your site, you will be nothing but truly impressed at the premium standard of material and quality. You will see why all the best organisations and customers want to use our equipment in their installations. This is why we have a "design life" of 50 years, another first in the thermal energy industry globally.

performance - SAP/EPBD (EPC & BER)

EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

Our performance is factual and based on endless studies and independent audits over the last number of years. There is no other acceptable way to determine the "true" financial benefits of a renewable technology in the 21st century. HONE Thermal Technology is the most significant breakthrough in heating & cooling technology for over 120 years.

Whilst we have hundreds of performance studies and examples, many discussed in the performance section of our website, the most significant are long term independent studies on new build homes and a 10 year old plus retrofit homes with annual oil savings of 64%-75% in example cases. These are results you should expect from using our advanced daylight technology in your heating & cooling systems as per design. These results based on audits over a 7 year post installation audit period, currently in year 4 audit period. At the end of every year, (Jul to Jul), government accredited energy assessors evaluate all the metered data and fuel used for the proceeding 12 months.

This is a service you can also have after your installation, a full 3 year post audit of Co2, kWhr consumption and cost savings. That's our Proof, Not Promises pledge.

authorised installers & premium partners

Authorised Installers & Premium Partners

Our installations are only carried out by Authorised Installers and by larger Premium Partners. We oversee an end to end design and quality process that must be carried out on every single project. After we approve the design on your project, we will only then release the equipment for that project from our distribution centres. This applies to single domestic installations or large scale projects. Our systems are not available off the shelf or via builders merchants to anyone except an approved installer. As a manufacturer, we feel this guarantees the best install quality of our high performance energy systems and the best result for our end customers.

We work close with our partners until the systems are installed and operational. All systems come with a 10 year insurance bond from Lloyds of London. (note, currently this insurance is only applicable in the UK & Ireland), the 20 year performance warranty applies everywhere*.

This provides the ultimate customer satisfaction levels which is a significant part of our ethos.

* subject to terms and conditions..

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